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When it comes to curating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day, the role of music is unparalleled. Whether you desire the romantic ambience of an acoustic performance during your walk down the aisle or a vibrant ensemble belting out tunes late into the evening, Soul Collective is here to help celebrate your wedding with the music that you want.

Style, Budget, and Space: A Harmonious Trio

The choice of music, its timing, and how it's delivered depend on your wedding style, budget, and venue space. Live charisma from a band is indispensable for enticing guests onto the dance floor. The dilemma begins: a spirited live band or a soft acoustic setup?

Start by defining your wedding style. Do you fancy an eclectic mix or or something a little more black tie? A live band could be your preference for diverse genres and guest requests, while a jazz ensemble might elevate a more formal event. The good news is Soul Collective can provide all of these choices!

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Clarify, Customize, and Consider

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Now that you have an idea of the style of wedding music you’d like, let's curate your perfect wedding playlist. Listen to our musical portfolio online, you won’t be disappointed! In order for your Brisbane wedding day to go exactly as you plan it, create a list of must-plays and definite no-nos for us, and you can make sure that there won't be any unexpected surprises! If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to us, and we can help you curate the wedding playlist that best reflects you as a couple.

Soul Collective will work with you to fit into the physical style of the wedding too. You don’t spend 15 years in the industry without knowing how to please. That’s why, when you partner with Soul Collective to be the soundtrack to your special day, we promise to dress the part. We will blend in with the unique energy, style & fashion of your wedding. We’ll tailor our attire to match the ambience of your celebration and make sure the spotlight stays on who it belongs — you!

Budget considerations are crucial with any wedding. With so much to think about buying — the dress, the flowers, the food, hiring an expensive wedding musician in Brisbane might seem daunting. Fortunately, at Soul Collective, we understand this and provide reasonable rates to accommodate budgets of all sizes. Give us a call today and we'll be more than happy to discuss your options.

Wedding Music That Works With the Venue

Venue space may not be the most glamorous factor, but it's pivotal. A band might feel dwarfed in a grand ballroom, while a full ensemble could occupy too much dance floor real estate. We have the right equipment to play almost anywhere — we can play outside on the beach or inside a beautiful, stately home. However, it won't be easy to hear a violin with crashing waves in the background. You don't have to make all these decisions yourself, though as Soul Collective can help you create the right music for the right space.

Trust us with your wedding celebration, and we will help you create the perfect memory for you and your guests. Contact Soul Collective today.

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